What is the Food Safety Intelligence

In this article you learn how to get trends & predictions for your commodities with the Food Safety Intelligence.

To gain a comprehensive understanding and effectively monitor food safety risks for your product groups, utilize the Food Safety Intelligence.

Begin by selecting the filters of your interest:

  • Commodity (Product or product group, Starting at the broader product group level with "Dairy Products and Analogues," we can delve deeper into specific subgroups like "Cheese and Analogues" and "Ice Cream." This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding and targeted analysis of each category, enhancing our ability to address food safety concerns effectively) 
  • Hazard (Potential source of harm, starting at the broader group level with "Bio Contaminants," we can focus on subgroups such as "Mycotoxins," and further narrow down to specific substances like "Aflatoxin B1." This methodical categorization enhances our ability to effectively monitor, analyze, and mitigate risks associated with each specific contaminant, ensuring a safer food supply chain.)
  • Market (Market, where the incident was reported)
  • Source (Source identifies the website, where the content was collected from)
  • Source Category (Type of source)
  • Market Origin (Market, where the incident happened)
  • Incident Category (Controll, Recall, Fraud, Outbreak, Consumer Complaint)

Upon querying, you receive insightful statistics, highlighting the top hazards in the data. Additionally, a detailed timeline provides a predictive analysis for the next three months, focusing on selected hazards, offering valuable foresight for risk mitigation and management strategies.

You have the possibilty to compare different dimenions e.g. hazards, markets, commodities or total count of incidents. In our example you see displayed Aflatoxin B1 and Ochatoxin A for previous 12 months.


Our incident database shows you all the related posts with a direct link to the original source. This feature allows you to access detailed information about each incident, including the source of the data, for further investigation and verification. By providing transparent access to the original source, you can ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information presented, enabling you to make informed decisions based on credible data.

Our first-time occurrences highlight emerging combinations of commodities and hazards, providing valuable insights for your early warning screening process. By identifying these new pairings, you can proactively assess and address potential risks before they escalate, ensuring the safety and quality of your products.

By utilizing our Food Safety Intelligence platform, you can easily stay informed and up to date by effortlessly tracking the latest trends for specific commodity groups. This tool allows you to monitor the ever-changing landscape of food safety risks, ensuring that you are well-equipped to make informed decisions and implement effective risk management strategies. Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed on current trends and developments in the industry, giving you the advantage of proactive risk assessment and mitigation.