If I choose ‘Regulation’ as a post type when creating a feed will this only show new legislation when they are published or will you also receive updates about legislation that is on the way?

The "Regulation" post type will give updates on regulations in force and also the ones that will go into effect at a later date

All the posts in our system are categorized as Guidance, News, Scientific, and Regulation. Besides this, the new system features allow an overview of separate sections tour of your keyword search on: Regulations, Scientific, Incidents, Social News, Discover and predict and Restricted substances.  

The ‘Regulation’ post type is intended to cover legislation that is published and in effect and also those regulations that “are on the way” even if they will go into effect at a later date.   We also use other post types, namely ‘news’, for proposed changes that are yet to be made into actual legislation.