Post Annotation, Assignation and Archivation

How to annotate, assign and archive the post.

  • Annotation - search for the post you are interested in (via search tab on the homepage), open the document and click for "More actions" (three dots) button on the right side. Choose "Annotate post" with one of the suboption (For Limits or For NER & QA). And by selecting a piece of the text you get an option to annotate it as needed from the pop-up list. To stop annotating open again "More actions" menu, and press "Stop annotating".
  • Assign - click for "More actions" button on the right side and select "Assign to", select the assignee, add a message and confirm.
  • Archive - click for "More actions" button on the right side. Pressing the button "Archive" reveals the confirmation window, where you can choose a reason for archiving.