How to use search functions in Restricted Substances

In this article you will learn how to search in Restricted Substances

In Search go to Restricted Substances:


Start the search by choosing the MARKET, PRODUCT, SUBSTANCE.

1) Choose the Market: you can choose more than 1 market.

Note that you can also select groups, organizations or trade blocs, like:
International for Codex Alimentarius,
European Union for EU,
Mercosur for the South American trade bloc.

2) Choose the Product:

  • The commodity/product (or a group of them) the RS applies to.
  • You can choose all the products in the list by selecting All products matching:

    (in the case above, your search will also include Dough, Bagels, Cookies, etc.)
  • The numbers on the right side of the list specify how many applicable products will be also included in the search (e.g. for Wheat, it would also include Cereals, Wheat gluten, etc.).

3) Choose the Substance:

  • The substance/organism/... that may be found in a commodity and of which the amount is regulated, e.g. Abamectin.

4) You can also use Advanced Filters:

You can find more about the advanced search in the Restricted substances - advanced search article.

5) Export option: You can export your search by clicking on Generate Report button.
When you click on "Generate Report" button, then you see "Export Search Results to Excel".


6) The results of your search, such as Relevant Substance, Relevant Commodity or Matching Limits are clickable. You can view their details.

The ! Exclamation mark ! means that there is a specifying condition that further specifies the limit.

7) You can also consult one of the relevant regulatory documents shown under the table of restrictions matching your search parameters.