Restricted Substances - advanced search

An overview of the functionalities provided by the Advanced search

By Clicking on the Advanced Filters, additional search filters will be displayed, these filters are: 

  • Search Type:  Specifies how the search will be performed by the system. The 2 options are:
    • Smart Search, expands the search to all applicable substances and products (e.g. "Apple" will also include "Fruits", "Pome fruits", "Crab apples", "Fresh apples", etc.).
    • Keyword-based search, limits the search to only the substances or products selected in the filter.
  • Regulatory Type: Regulations but also voluntary standards often indicates restrictions without a pre-defined numerical value but address it the use or incidental presence of a substance, compound or ingredient within the principle of  "Good Manufacturing Practice" or "GMP", therefore the 2 values are:
    • Regulation, it means a restriction that has a precise and mandatory indication
    • Good Manufacturing Practice, it means a restriction that has not specific value but its usage/presence should be within the principle of GMP, often defined in Quality standards
  • Regulatory Status: it allows to filter for restrictions that are archived or still in a draft regulation, values are: 
    • Draft, it means the restriction has been published but yet to be adopted, i.e. a new compound that is published on a gazette with 6 months adoption period
    • In Force, it is a currently the restriction valid. 
    • No Longer in Force, it is the historical value not anymore valid, for example if a draft restriction becomes in force, the previous record is moved to No longer in force.
  • Restriction Type:  Offers 3 possible values which encompass the possible cases encountered in regulations around the world
    • Restriction, it means a substance, ingredient or element that comes with a maximum or minimum limit value, such as   0.01 mg/kg as the Maximum Residue limit for a certain pesticide in a given product
    • Exemption,  it means a record  that have been exempted from the regulation, for example, Testosterone  in Canada is in the list of exempted Veterinary Drugs and thus does not have specific residue limits.  
    • Ban, it means a record in the regulation that specify "no tolerance" and thus no detectable traces of such a substance, compound or ingredients should be present in the product.  




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