How to fix broken images in posts?

Start editing a post

Please refer to:


When in edit mode, you may receive an error message that explains some resources were not found on the server. You can close each of these using the “x” at at far right as highlighted in the following picture:


Scroll to where the broken image is located, it will appear differently depending on the browser you are using, for example:


Place the cursor next to it and delete it.


Inserting the image

There are three ways to insert an image in a post:

  1. copy & paste,
  2. URL,
  3. upload

Copy & paste

If for example you have just taken a screenshot from another document through some snippet tool, you can just place the cursor where the image shall be placed and, then right click and select “Paste” (or hit ctrl+V or the corresponding sequence on your system):


this will insert the image you had previously copied into the post:



If you want to insert an image found on a website, you can use the dedicated button on the editor toolbar:

Clicking on it you will be prompted with a window that will allow you to insert an URL and a title:


In that screen you can paste the URL of the image in the “Source” box and you can also add a textual description in the box “Image description” that will not appear on screen, but will be shown only if the image itself is not loaded (e.g. for a technical issue).

Clicking “Ok” the image will be inserted.


If you have an image stored on your computer, insead, you can follow a similar path to the URL, clicking on the icon of the editor toolbar and then selecting “Upload” instead:

In this screen you can pick an image from your computer (either by selecting it or by drag and drop it on the specified area) and wait for it to be uploaded. When the process is completed you will be show the same screen as when using an URL, with the “Source” field already filled:

you can then proceed with either adding the image description, or inserting the image into the post by clicking “Ok”.