Digicomply Ultimate and Other Version Updates

SGS Digicomply is expanding into new directions. Find out the new features of the new Digicomply Ultimate as well as the other version updates.

Introducing Digicomply Ultimate

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the newest plan to the Digicomply family. Digicomply ULTIMATE offers you a comprehensive intelligence gathering solution. Powered by AI, analytics and world-leading industry expertise, it provides targeted risk analysis and high-level insights to help you meet product safety and compliance requirements. We plan to go into a lot more detail on the new functionality this version will provide in the near future. In the meantime, we can begin to provide a preview of what is to come:

A Dedicated Module for food safety Incidents

screely-1626073111521The machine learning of Digicomply is now able to extract entities in a document at a much deeper level.  What this means is that the system essentially reads the document and recognizes hazards, consequences, location of incidents, impacted products and substances.  When combined with new forms of data visualization with customizable dashboards, a user is better able to quickly identify incidents that could have a major impact on their business.

Consumer Perception coming from Social Media


Detecting emerging risks or precursors to government intervention often starts with the consumer. ULTIMATE has a dedicated module for ‘Social News’ making it possible to track what is being discussed in the media, on social networks like Twitter, and by NGO influencers.

A Dedicated Module for Scientific Publications


Digicomply as a whole now contains over two million documents coming from scientific publications. To complement such a large volume it made sense to create a specific module to fully leverage the insights available. It is now possible to conduct a search and then drill down from there thanks to the customizable charts provided. Additionally, the results are organized in a way to easily filter by publication date, topic, source or product categories.

Discover and Predict

discovery and predict

The ability to apply predictive analytics to food safety is boundless.  By creating a web of relationships across ingredients, topics and markets it becomes possible to find connections that don’t appear to the naked eye.  In this release, which is the first toward leveraging machine to perform common sense reasoning at scale,  you can ask SGS Digicomply questions based on your area of interest.  From this question, the search engine will attempt to find relevant answers across the millions of documents in the system.  Your questions can then be saved so the system can then predict if other information coming in at a later date could be of value.  



SGS Digicomply BASIC

We will continue to offer our free-forever solution as a way to stay up to date on the most important events impacting the industry.  Each BASIC user will receive updates on these ‘Top Stories’ that have been individually curated by the SGS team throughout the world.  In addition to this, we have included a new feed called "Trends Q&A" utilizing our newly developed prediction engine that will seek to provide answers to some of the most timely questions being asked in the food community.

BASIC users will no longer have access to the personal feeds.  For those interested in personal feeds, we recommend upgrading to ADVANCED which will allow for up to five feeds, and more importantly, the ability to read the full article (post) in English no matter the original language.   


The ADVANCED version will experience improvements as part of the overall upgrade of the system.  This includes:

  • Expansion of Sources:  Users will have full access to all of the new sources we have added particularly coming from scientific publications and news & media
  • Redesigned Search Experience:  We have transformed how searches are performed.  The system is able to provide better recommendations based on search terms.  It is also easier to search on multiple terms, exclude certain terms, and filter by date with a few simple clicks.  On top of all this, users will be able to take advantage of new forms of data visualization.
  • Save Searches as Future Feeds:  This is one of the most significant new features.  Once you have created a search query important to you, simply save it so that it then becomes one of your feeds to constantly monitor for new signals.  By doing so, the ongoing scanning for new information will be activated and you will be notified when something of relevance is found.  

Beyond these improvements, the same overall capabilities remain the same.

SGS Digicomply PRO

The Digicomply PRO (and ULTIMATE) versions contain all of the improvements outlined above in the ADVANCED version.  In addition to this:

  • New Regulations Search and Data Visualization:  We have applied a new layer of charts to all of the regulatory content in the system.  Each chart provides different insights into regulatory topics, locations and product categories.  Their interactive design means a user can drill down directly from the chart to better find the regulatory information they need and leverage an extended search engine based on a specialised Ontology with millions of relations. 
  • Save Restricted Substance Searches:  Similar to the ‘Save Search’ feature described above, it is now possible to save searches performed in the Restricted Substance Database so they become monitored feeds.  We recognize that knowing when a change happens on a particular pesticide MRL or food additive usage limit is just as important as knowing the limit itself.

These exciting changes will go into effect on Jul 21, 2021.  Please feel free to reach out to any of us in the SGS Digicomply team with any questions you may have.