When a country’s regulation is currently under reform how do we obtain the latest regulatory status on a product, ingredient, etc?

Along with the constant system monitoring, the dedicated SGS expert is making sure major updates are reflected in the guides. For a highly specific regulation, it is recommended an appropriate feed setup.

Our Food Guides are intended to provide the most current regulations for the different regulatory categories that they cover.  The SGS author for these guides is assigned the task of following major updates to the regulatory environment and making sure these are reflected in the guides. 

Regulations pinned to the FRGs are not static and besides expert review, they are also being visibly marked by the system, when changed or repealed, and with in-app alerts notification. See more on Notification forms 

However, the guides provide a high-level overview of the regulations and may not include very specific regulations applicable to your needs. This is why it is important to setup your feeds to conduct effective regulatory monitoring.  The feed can be set based on the products or ingredients you are concerned with and notify you when new regulations are detected in the market.