How to work with Dossiers?

Assign, Share, Validate and Pin a post to Dossier

Assign Dossier for Editing

Dossiers can be edited by one user at a time, if you like your colleagues to edit, from the assign menu on top right

Assign Dossier


you can assign it to any user in your organisation. When you want to take the control back, just re-assign it back to you

Share a Dossier

You can share Dossier with a colleague, a channel or invite not registered users to join Digicomply.

Publish Dossier

Once finalised, publish your dossier. If needed, move it back to unpublished.

Pin a post to a Dossier

Pins make your content dynamic. Relevant text, such as an article of a regulation, or a specific requirement, can be easily pinned to a dossier to create a dynamic reference. Later it will notify you if the pinned content is changed or similar relevant contents are discovered.