What are Topics used for?

Topics is a classification that assign each post a topic pre-defined by Industry

The Topics is used in feeds and searches to filter the posts within a pre defined list of values. These values may change over time but the general approach is to maintain within a limited number.

Each Industry have different entries. 


List of Topics for Food and Feed 


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Alerts and recalls

Alerts and recalls

Official alert system for non-compliant food or feed products and recalls when relevant

General law and Standards

Commodity Standards/Standards of Identity

Food products and/or ingredient compositional requirements (incl. quality requirements)

International standards

Internationally recognized standards related to food and feed, animal and plants; published by organizations like ISO, CEN or national standard organizations, Industry standards, and which are of voluntary application.

General Food Law

General framework/requirements, guiding principles for food, feed, animals and plants

Registration and certification

Registration rules for products, facilities; certification against specific standards

Animals & Animal Feed

Feed (ingredients, animal by-products, including pet food)

Component part or constituent or any combination/mixture added to and comprising the feed. Feed ingredients might include grains, milling byproducts, added vitamins, minerals, fats/oils, and other nutritional and energy sources. Includes animal by-product and plant or animal material intended for consumption by pets.

Feed Additives

Products used in animal nutrition for purposes of improving the quality of feed and the quality of food from animal origin, or to improve the animals’ performance and health, e.g. providing enhanced digestibility of the feed materials

Feed hygiene

Feed safety and hygiene related matters, including quality control processes and procedures

Feed marketing

Measures applicable when placing feed on the market

Animal health & welfare

Policies and legislation applicable; includes animal diseases

Animal/plant breeding, identification and property rights

animal breeding, seeds and propagation material, variety registration, animal identification and traceability

Contaminants, residues and contact materials

Contaminants and residues in Food

All types of contaminants and residues in food (e.g. mycotoxins, chemical contaminants, pesticides, veterinary drugs), excluding microbiological criteria

Feed contaminants

Undesirable substances and compositional quality

Food Contact Materials

Food contact materials in general (excludes chemical contaminants). Inner packaging requirements, manufacturing standards. Substances that are not intentionally added to foods that may become part of foods due to packaging, storage or processing.

Nutrition, dietary and specialty ingredients

Food Additives, enzymes and processing aids

Ingredients added for a specific technological, functional & processing purposes into food (except flavourings)

Health and nutrition

Nutrition science and health related matters

Organic food and feed Products

Everything related to organic products


Ingredients added to a food product with flavouring properties

Food Safety and Security

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food safety related matters and risk assessment, including quality control processes and procedures, Hygiene and Microbiological related (includes microbiological criteria).

Food security, food wastes and sustainability

General information linked to food security and food wastes

Life cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life-cycle assessment is a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling.



Information to be displayed on the primary and secondary packaging (e.g. List of Ingredients, allergens, GMO labelling, organic labelling, nutrition facts labelling, ethical labelling - fair trade, vegetarian...)

Trade, market and official controls

Live animal, seed and plant trade

Import and export rules, movement of pets, health certificates


Rules applicable to online, distant selling of food and feed

International trade, logistics and taxes

Trade policies, market measures, trade agreements (including bilateral agreements), trade bans, tariff and non-tariff barriers; food taxes; Includes rules applicable to packaging and shipment; Import/export certificates, border control procedures, customs procedures and duties, temporary restrictive measures

Market watch

Market intelligence reports, general information on food/feed consumption, statistics…

Official controls / Enforcement procedures

Official controls, inspections from authorities (food, feed, animal health and welfare, plants)

Methods and Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Logistics

Rules applicable to manufacturing plants, storage locations

New technologies

Any new technology used in food and feed e.g. GMOs, nanotechnologies, novel food…

Testing methods

Methods of analysis used in food and feed to detect residues, microbiological contamination, nutritional composition…