Understanding the Market field when setting up a feed

How to determine which country or regulatory trade body to select

Selecting the ‘markets’ of interest will assure that most suitable posts and notifications from the chosen country or countries are received as a feed. 

It is important to note individual countries should be selected in order to receive country-specific updates even if they belong to a broader regulatory trade body like the EU, GCC, or US.   

Take the example of the European Union:

The market filed is set up to monitor the sources designated as part of the EU.  If there are specific countries within the EU of particular importance then you would certainly want to select them as well in the feed.

    At the Search Tools command line type the market of interest :

    Country selection 1

    The outcome shows a list of possible options for the keywords typed, in this example select "Market" - European Union 


    country selection 2

    Appears the corresponding market selected, and its ready to receive another filters for example "type" of post, "product category", "substance" among others available in the system in the process of editing the feed.