How to use the exact match search feature

This document explain how the exact match search label can be used for filtering of the results.

The exact match

The exact match feature represents the full-text filtering of search results. With the usage of the exact match filter, only documents that contain used text are visible in the search results. As opposed to using the specific label type (product, substance, ..), exact match label filter documents across all label types that are directly extracted from the document. In the case of applying the exact match label, no relevancy is taken from the document, so documents are retrieved and sorted by date (most recent first).

Default usage

By default, the text used for the exact match label represents the phrase search. Only documents that contain exact phrases are retrieved backed by the search engine.

Boolean search usage

The advanced option of the exact match label is the enable of the boolean search. Boolean search allows using of complex, long queries with boolean operators.

To enable the boolean search through the exact match label you need to click on the label and tick the option "Enable boolean search".


Once the boolean search is enabled, the exact match label is transformed into a boolean search label and the text is validated. 

There are several rules that need to be followed to compose a valid boolean query.

If the boolean search is enabled, the text of the boolean match label can be edited through the edit button next to "Enable boolean search" option and saved. After the save action, the new search is triggered.