How to use a dossier?

Steps to start with dossiers

If you have PRO or higher license, you can create your dossiers and collaborate with your peers on e.g. the compilation of specific requirements, specifications, analysis/interpretation to particular regulatory compliance and/or food safety related matters. Through the Registry, you can involve different stakeholders to analyse, take proper business decisions and store all into the dossier.

Discover relevant content in SGS DIGICOMPLY from your feed(s) or from the search page.

Pin relevant Post(s) to your dossier.

Pin relevant text from any post to the dossier to highlight specific important parts and use them for further analysis.

Assign the dossier to a collaborator for finalization.

Once finalized, validate the dossier and share it across your organisation or SGS experts to contribute.

At anytime, if you need expert support from SGS on a specific analysis, feel free to contact us and we will use the dossier to share findings and collaborate with your team.