How to submit a dossier for the approval?

In this article, you will learn how to submit a dossier to the user(s) for the approval when custom workflows are enabled

Note: This is not a standard feature, to enable it, please contact our support team.
  • Open a dossier you’ve been working on lately, and that have a working version.


You can check the dossier version by clicking on the menu (3 dots) button and then clicking on “Show dossier history”.

There are two ways how you can submit the dossier:

1. Submit the dossier while editing

  • Go to edit mode of the dossier (click on Edit button), you can do your final updates and once you are done, hit the button “Save and submit” at the top right-hand corner

2. Submit the dossier from the preview

  • When you open your dossier there is a banner at the top of the page saying “You are viewing the draf version of this dossier.” with a button “Submit This Version” - click the button


When you click the Submit button a dialog will appear

  • Now you can select one or more approvers for your dossier and then click “Submit dossier” button (in case you are submitting the dossier from the edit mode, the changes on the dossier will be saved)

Note: The approvers may be already preselected. If you already used the approval flow, we remembered your choices for you to simplify your work. In case you are using dossier properties and you added some users to your dossier, the system preselects the found users from the dossier.

  • After the submitting you will see the list of approvers of the dossier. You can change the approvers or cancel the submit until the dossier is released.

  • You can add approvers by clicking on “+ Add” button or remove by clicking on cross icon next to the approver name

Note: There must be at least one approver. The system won’t let you remove all the approvers but if needed, you can click “Cancel Submit” button that will cancel the approval process

  • The status of the approval of each approver is indicated by the colors:
    • Grey - user has not responded yet
    • Green - approved
    • Red - declined

  • The responses of approvers are stored for each dossier version so you can find the complete history of all approval flows on the dossier (how to show the dossier history is described on the beginning of this article)