How to search Regulatory Articles

In this article, we'll show you how you can easily retrieve a specific set of regulatory posts

Access the search page

You can start by accessing the appropriate search page by clicking on the button "Regulations" as highlighted in the screenshot below.

By following this step, you will enter the regulatory catalog component of the Digicomply search. Within this application, you can search current regulations across a wide range of countries.

Find regulations from a specific country

In this example, we want to search for regulations around additives in Infant formula products in the United Kingdom. We can start this query by selecting the market. 

In the example above you can see that searching for regulations in the United Kingdom, the system also proposes matching regulatory guides in the blue panel on the right side. In this scenario, we are going to look for a specific set of regulations and we can also continue our search and make it more specific with adjusting the advanced search parameters; 

What we might want to do is to include a couple of additional regions to our query, and check the local legislation specifications.

As you can see you can specify additional terms. By default, the system looks for articles which match contain all of the terms that you've provided. Because of this, we needed to expand the advanced search and move the search terms into a single group. This will tell the system to return regulations belonging to any of the specified markets.

Find regulations for a specific topic

To continue the search for our regulations we can quickly select the additives topic in the Topic widget on the top of the screen.

And finalize it by searching for Infant formulae. 

In the results, you'll find all relevant and in-force regulations ordered by their publishing date.


In regards to achieving desired results, you can also see the dedicated article on How to sort search results by relevancy. It is always useful to mention that on the right side of the search, you can control the timeframe, as well as the grouping the keywords and adjusted them to get to the target results.

As always, if you have issues finding the results, you can use the search feedback banner on the bottom left to ask for help.