How to edit the post title?

When creating a post from an URL or from a document, the title is automatically created, is there a way to edit the same?

NOTE: you can validate only post that is assigned to you.

The title of a post, as well as any details or the body text can be fully edited. From the post, by clicking on "More actions" (three dots button on the right), select "Edit", then select "Fulltext". The ystem may ask you to assign the post and you just need to accept. 

Alternatively, you can edit the full text by clicking on orange coloured "Edit" button on the upper right corner (next to three dots) to directly edit the fulltext of the post.

Edit title of the post and click on "Save" button on the upper coner right. You will be asked for confirmation if the post is not a draft.

Please note that in order to perform the editing of a post you need to have the rights to do so and have a PRO license.