How to create a table of contents (TOC) in a Dossier?

the article explains how to insert a table of contents in Dossier (feature restricted)

If the Table of contents feature toggle is enabled for a given organisation, when editing a dossier, the toolbar includes a button to add a table of contents:

table of contents

In order to display the index correctly, you need to select the proper formatting for each section or paragraph

formating text

Similarly to any word editor, if you change the content of the document such as new sections titles, the table of contents will have to be updated using the button below: 


Please note that the table of contents does not provide an active link to navigate to specific section of the document from the screen, but it provides such a feature only in the PDF printout version of a dossier 


There is also the possibility to create internal links inside the document to navigate back to table of contents. To do so, put the cursor where you want to put the link, click the Insert link button in the toolbar and in the link list selector find "Table of Contents". You can add a text such as "back to top".