How do you create a channel?

An option available to the Organisation managers

Channels can be administered from: My Space - > My Organisation - > Channels

From there, on the top right, you can add a new channel with the + New Channel button.

The screen below will be opened, you can only create a Private channel (the other options are from public organizations and contents publishers), then you can add a name and description.

Channels can be administered from: My Space - > My Organisation - > Channels 

Visibility:  “Visible only to invited users (for Private and Protected channels only"

  • nobody in your company can see the channel and request access, else is that option is disabled, other users can see the channel and ask you to access it.)” 

Once the channel is created, you can click on the button below to Manage Audience, you can invite individuals or if you want the channel to be visible to everyone you can invite the whole organization and everyone will have access and see contents inside.

What can you share inside a channel?

  • you can share a Dossier
  • you can share a Post
  • you can also see some channels already created during the initial demo/test phase mostly intended to show how the system can generate automated bulletin.

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