How to create or edit a Feed?

Creating a New Feed or Editing the existing one - from the Search page

Clicking on the orange tab "+ New Feed" opens a dialog box for creating a new feed on the Search page.

Tips on how to achieve target results when setting up your feed:

Keywords feed are used for specific results (e.g. "pesticide", or a product category as "Egg and egg products", etc.). To assure that feed results are within the desired target, you might include the appropriate market, and other relevant parameters for your query. More about the choice of keywords, you can find here.

NOTE: Please consider that you can exlude items as well, by searching for them with the keywords, and drag them to the box "Excluded terms". Workaround this would be to check the subcategories of a product and deselected, leaving the ones you would like to be informed about.

Once the parameters are selected, you can review the results, to reconfirm that they are in the expected scope, and click the save button.

The first time the system will guide you on the parameters through a tour. Here you will be able to define the parameters of your feed: The title of your feed, data categories (type of post), desired frequency, as well as the notification form as:

  • Summary notifications provide a quick overview of all content that comes into the system within selected period.

  •  Threshold notifications provide quick alert only if amount of content within specified period reaches certain threshold.


Editing feed is performed in the same way as setting up a new feed. For changing the existing feed setup, select the feed from the list on the left and click the white tab "Edit Feed" which appears in the right upper corner. Then change the required fields and "Save feed". Please note that only individual feeds can be edited. More here