How to set feed notification time period?

Easy way how to manage or all notifications at a specific time period.

Make sure you are in page of "Feed" page, On the left side of the screen you will see the feed list. Open the feed by clicking on its name.On the right side of the screen, above the list of articles, you will see the button "Edit" and select option "Edit feed notifications"

That shall reveal window for feed editing. The ''Notifications'' field shows the following options. You may set those to:

  • Turned off
  • Month (gives you an option for day of the month and the time of the day)
  • Week (gives you an option for day of the week and the time of the day)
  • Day (gives you an option for time of the day)

In addition, you can set a threshold of mentions above which you want to be informed (i.e.: 10). A new line indicating the threshold will appear in the plot and you will be notified each time the threshold is exceeded.

Press "Save" to confirm your preference. Default option is to have notifications off.