Can I compare different dossiers versions?

This article explains how to use the dossier comparison feature

Dossiers in SGS DIGICOMPLY can be created as extended documents that grow over time with details from various references. For the recipient of updated dossiers might be time time-consuming to understand and evaluate what is different between a new versus an older version. 

The Dossier comparison is handy also for regulatory guides so that you can quickly evaluate the changes without need for reviewing the whole document

The Dossier comparison feature allows to quickly compare side by side 2 versions of a Dossier and outline with color the changes.

Once into a dossier you can browse the previous versions from the 3 dots button on the top right


Then from the list of versions you can select the one you want to compare with the current (published) one. 

At this point the comparison screen is opened where it provides on top the changes in Macro and properties and subsequently all the changes in the body.  The text highlighted in Green and addition and the text highlighted in red is removed.