If I do not see a particular regulatory guide for a specific country, does that mean you are not monitoring the country?

A Regulatory Guide exists for a majority of world markets that are monitored by our system. The list of all the total markets that are monitored can be found under the ‘Explore’ tab, ‘Discover Posts’ options of the menu

The majority of the markets we monitor include a corresponding Food Regulatory Guide.  We also have a Guide published for all the countries we monitor for cosmetic, personal care and household regulations.  Finally, there are also a certain number of Guides for food supplements. The creation of a Guide depends on several factors, one of the main ones being that we have a dedicated SGS staff who has expert knowledge of the specific country and its relevant regulations.  

Please keep in mind that even if we do not have a guide published, it does not mean that we are not monitoring the country.  You can see the country and sources available under the ‘Explore’ tab, ‘Discover Posts’.