How to use the food fraud map?

This article provides the basics to use the food fraud map Available to PRO edition

Food Fraud map allows to explore food fraud records using the world map and additional filtering criteria as following: 

Type: it offers 2 possible values, Incident it is a case known by the public and reported in the news. Inference, are documents that are related to food fraud, for example scientific papers describing a new method to detect adulterated products. 


Tags: it offers the possibility to select a specific product, ingredient or other descriptive tags that characterise the record


Date: is the date from when filter the records, by selecting 01.01.2015 all records from that date to today will be showed. 



Real case Usage

I'd like to know what are the incidents that involve Vanilla from Madagascar since January 2019. 

By selecting type = Incident,  Tag = Vanilla and date = Jan. 2019 

Vanilla Madagascar

The Map will be zoomed to  Madagascar and by clicking on it the right panel will open the details of the record




NOTE: Food Fraud records are archived in the Food Fraud channel, if you don't see these records, please go to  The Channel section in the My Space Menu and subscribe to the channel.