Dossiers - To Share or Publish?

The dossier can be shared, regardless of its status. Once published, it is visible to all the channel participants.

A dossier is essentially a document based on 3 main principles:

  1. SHARING - No matter what the status is, you can share your dossier with any person or with a channel. The second option means that everyone that has access to that channel can see the dossier, find in into the "shared with me" tab and also receive a notification that you have shared such a dossier. So, if you share the dossier, and change it, the people with whom you shared it will receive an alert that your dossier is changed.
  2. STATUS - A Dossier can have multiple statuses. Depending on the configuration, it can be  DRAFT, SUBMITTED and PUBLISHED, these statues are not affecting who can see those, as it mainly depends on the above sharing setup.
  3. ASSIGN - if you assign the dossier to any individual in your organization, a person can edit the dossier.
    Please note that Organisation managers can always take ownership of anyone's dossier.

    More information on how to Work with Dossiers