SGS DIGICOMPLY for Labs employees

A quick reference guide for SGS Labs usage

Once you have obtained a valid license for SGS DIGICOMPLY, you can start using the system at its full potential. 

In order to simplify your onboarding process we have summarised below the most relevant tasks that you can perform in the system, for any other functionality, you can search within this knowledge base. 

The global Food Technical Support Team led by Dionisis Theodosis as well as our global food compliance expert James Cook have been working over the past months together with Digicomply team to create specific content in Digicomply valuable for SGS food laboratories.

Quick training video (11')

Digicomply for SGS labs

Accessing test methods

to quick access test methods, you can use the tag hn testing method to quickly filter out the relevant documents, this link is a shortcut to the same search. 

Global MRLs (Restricted Substances database)

The restricted substances module allows you to find specific residue limits as defined in regulations and costantly kept up to date, you can learn more about this module in the specific section of the knowledge base

Food Regulatory Guides

Food Regulatory Guides (FRG) are meant to provide you an overview of the regulatory framework in a specific market, To quick access regulatory guides,  you can use this link