How to add reactions in dossiers

Reactions allow to increase engagement from colleagues or peers on the specific content of a dossier.



In order to activate reactions in Dossier, you need to ensure the specific macro is added in the position where you want the button to appear, as the image below, while you are in EDIT mode of your dossier, if you want the reaction button to appear in the specific cell of a table: 

You have to position your cursor where you want to place the reaction macro, then go to the top menu and select  reaction from the add macro option: 

at this point the macro is added in the specific position where you cursor wast set. you can now drag and drop to another position or delete by clicking on the 3 dots next to it. 

Please note that reaction macro can be clicked only in Dossier view mode when dossier has status RELEASED

When a user click on the reaction button, you can then see all details about who left reactions