Editing the User Profile

My Profile and Account Settings

On the "Home" page of the application, navigate yourself to the upper right corner and click to Your Profile. From a scrolldown menu choose "My account".

  • My Profile - you can edit your personal details and setup your profile photo
  • Account Settings - specify the frequency of Notifications, setup your Language Preferences, choose Post creation from email and organize tokens integration.
  • Change Password - fill in fields of "Old password", "New password", "Re-enter new password" as a confirmation and Save. Please note that password needs to satisfy ALL of complexity criteria:
  1. At least one letter in upper case (A;B;C;D;E;F;...)
  2. At least one letter in lower case (a;b;c;d;e;f;...)
  3. At least one number (0;1;2;3;4;5;...)
  4. At least one special character (!;*,@;?;...)